École Notre-Dame-du-Cap [FR]


Our project

We are trying to make our school self-sufficient by being part of different gardening projects. Last year we planted hydroponic gardens. This year we are working on building a teaching greenhouse. In addition, we would like to build an outdoor classroom in our schoolyard.

Tell us about your team and your school community.
We are a very resourceful group of teachers. We are very enthusiastic and passionate about our careers. We are open to differences and always looking to improve. We work very well together and share the same values. Our biggest challenge is that we are alone in teaching our levels and subjects. We can’t always share our activities or even our difficulties. We are able to support each other and offer advice, but we can’t always find solutions to help our colleagues. We all care about our students and we want the best for each other. We are able to provide instruction that is appropriate to the level of our students, respecting their interests and needs. The students at our school are the best! They are always on task and always give their best. They participate in any activity we offer them and they are involved in their learning.

Tell us about the importance of learning through play for your team and your students.
We try to include our students’ voices in every activity we do. We try to take advantage of the small moments that occur in our classes to teach our lessons. We try to ask questions or create situations that will make our students think and want to learn by challenging them to act and question. Many of our activities and school projects exist in response to student group requests. By doing this, we find that young people become more involved and feel valued. The school belongs to them and they like being part of it.

Tell us about your interest in joining the Canadian Playful Schools Network.
We are looking to improve as educators. The CPSN will allow us to attend professional development sessions. We are looking to expand our relationships with other teachers who are experiencing the same realities as we are and who can help us find solutions to our challenges. We seek to share our successes with others who can benefit from our experiences and successes. Finally, as a small school in a remote area, the CPSN helps us find funding to develop projects that would not be realistic without their support.