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Thank you for your interest in Joining the Canadian Playful Schools Network! Before you fill out the participant form, please review our requirements for applicants.

Canadian Playful Schools Network school teams must:

  • Work for a provincially or federally funded schooling authority on land that is located within one of the following seven provincial jurisdictions: British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland.
  • Include 3 or 4 teachers and at least 1 school administrator (vice-principal/principal) on a collaborative school-based team. Other educators can be additional to the school team.
  • Involve Grades 4-8 (all or some of these grade levels).
  • Focus on at least one mode of learning through play (green, screen, machine) during the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Engage in learning through play in ways that are ongoing (1+ year) and embedded (rather than separate lessons/units/projects).
  • Design learning through play initiatives that prioritize, celebrate and benefit students who are traditionally marginalised from and by systems of schooling. With an understanding of their school communities in mind, we invite teams to carefully consider how their CPSN work will benefit students with disabilities, students who are Black, Brown, Indigenous or who identify as belonging to other racialised groups, 2SLGBTQIA+ students, students who speak minority languages including French in contexts where English is the dominant language, students living with the stresses of poverty, especially in rural contexts, students with diverse religious identities, or students living with complex mental health needs in their families.
  • Commit to be an active member of the CPSN, attend and contribute to network activities. Network activities will be co-created with participants and might include engagement in professional learning and development opportunities, access to experts in the field, a sharing or coaching session with another school team, opportunities to learn from/with modality-specific networks from across the country, a half day network event or a visit with/from a CHENINE research team member.
  • Be prepared to undertake positive self-advocacy for their own approach to play yet also adopt a critical mindset about their chosen forms of play in order to deepen the quality of understanding and practice.
  • Participate in research, which may include focus groups, case studies, story sharing, analysis of team products or artifacts.
  • Agree to the public sharing (with appropriate permissions) of selected artifacts, examples, stories or other products.
  • Consider participating in the development of articles, chapters, podcasts and other knowledge mobilization projects.
  • Complete required feedback reports (initial, monthly, and final)
  • Participate in the CPSN Network Launch (September 2022, virtual) and the CPSN Network Showcase in Ottawa in June, 2023.

Before you apply:

Link to the Canadian Rules and Regulations PDF download
  1. Download the CPSN Requirements (pdf) and review it carefully
  2. Ensure you meet all the criteria
  3. Prepare your answers in a separate document so they’re ready to insert in the form

Still have questions? Download our FAQs.

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