Riverside Public School


Our project

Our project is based around Food Security with Land Sovereignty. Our goal is to use our Indigenous land-based knowledge to provide playful and cultural experiences to develop and sustain food security for our school. Some experiences may include hide scraping, fishing, gathering, singing, and teachings. Our project celebration will end with a ceremony, feast, and round dance.

Tell us about your team and your school community.
Our team consists of two grade 8 teachers, one grade 7 teacher and one grade 6 teacher, Indigenous Perspective Coach. We also have the support of both our Principal and Elders and Knowledge Keeps. Students are elementary middle-year students, with a high percentage of Indigenous background. Cultural and land-based experiences are used to address Truth and Reconciliation calls to action.

Tell us about the importance of learning through play for your team and for your students.
Learning through play will is vital in our school because it aligns with Indigenous epistemology and methodology in our teaching strategies.

Tell us about your interest in joining the Canadian Playful Schools Network.
We hope to create a sustainable land-based learning model that can be used and built from annually. Our professional developments sessions will be key in applying the play-based model to our project. The funds will enhance resource accessibility. National connections will build our knowledge base in cultural diversity.

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