Haydée Silva

Haydée Silva is head of the Language and Literature Didactics team at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. She holds a doctorate in literary theory and degrees in didactics, translation, interpreting and game science. She is a member of the Mexican National Research System and has received various awards and distinctions. She is the leader of several international research projects and the author of nearly 130 articles as well as several individual and collective books. Her publications include Le Jeu en classe de langue (CLE International, 2008), Bien joué. Guide d’animation de la communication orale en classe de langue (Learning Unlimited, 2020) and Regards sur le jeu en didactique des langues et des cultures (Peter Lang, 2022). To date, she has conducted over 220 workshops in 18 countries, focusing on play in the language classroom.