Developing Your Learning Through Play Ethos

Developing your learning through play ethos‘ is an activity developed and adapted from the onboarding meeting protocol. For a detailed account of the purpose and content of the protocol, you can read this post : ‘A Reflection on the PlayJouer Onboarding Sessions‘ from Dr. Trista Hollweck, our co-principal investigator.

It is divided into two sections. The first part consists of a series of question designed to unpack what learning through play means in your context, why it is important for you, your school and the community. As for the second half, the questions we selected are meant to prompt you to reflect on your previous successes to set realistic and manageable goals for your learning through play projects, and to build on your strengths in order develop a plan to tackle future obstacles you and your team may face.

Whilst this activity can be done individually (and there are many benefits to do so), we highly encourage to do this alongside colleagues as a collective endeavors – either completing it by yourself first and then moving in with the others or as part of a larger discussion where your team develop a learning through play ethos collaboratively.

To download the document (Microsoft Word), click on the link below :