Shaneé Washington

Shaneé Washington is an Assistant Professor of Justice and Equity in Education at the University of Washington. She is also a Banks Center for Educational Justice Affiliated Faculty and a consultant for Educurios. Her research explores Indigenous and, more recently, Black families’ and communities’ self-determination, engagement practices, and advocacy efforts towards more equitable, humanizing, and culturally sustaining/revitalizing educational experiences for their children in and outside of schools. Her recent publication, “An Indigenous community’s fight for cultural continuity and educational equity with/in and against a New England school district,” highlights this work with one Indigenous community. Shaneé’s commitments to amplifying the expertise and self-determining educational justice work of Indigenous, Black, and other communities who have experienced schools and society as sites of erasure and dehumanization stems from her own experiences as a Black woman, mother, and former middle school teacher of Black, Brown, immigrant, and bi/multilingual students.