CPSN Virtual Launch: Haydée Silva’s opening presentation

**Article originally published in French.**

On October 26, Haydée Silva, head of the Language and Literature didactics team at the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, joined us to give the opening remarks at the virtual launch of the CPSN. In her presentation, she emphasized the versatility of the concept of “play” and especially the principle of the “playful attitude” that must be central to playful approaches in the classroom. She goes on to emphasize the idea that playfulness restores agentivity to our students, who thus regain pleasure in learning, but also to teachers, who rediscover a certain pleasure in teaching. She concludes her presentation by stressing that the game is not about “making people do it”, but rather about increasing our students’ potential to do it.

In this vein, we also hope that viewing his presentation can help you rediscover the potential of playful approaches – for you and your students. You can find the full video presentation below: