École Benoît-Duhamel [FR]


Our project

Our project consists of setting up a few classroom activities on executive function awareness for students in the 2nd cycle of elementary school. These activities, carried out with the help of the remedial teacher, will have as a final objective to create fun afternoons in the classrooms to work on the executive functions with the help of games targeted for each of the functions to be developed. We will participate in a training session with the teachers who are involved in the project entitled: Optimize the teaching of executive functions to the students in your school. Playful workshops in French will be implemented in the 3rd cycle of elementary school as well as for Aboriginal students. Finally, we would like to continue the purchase of educational games with a view to setting up a game library in our school.

Tell us about your team and your school community.
A few years ago, our school team began to implement collaborative practices related to the big ideas and foundations of the PLC process at work. This professional learning community, currently implemented in the 1st cycle as a school-team, allows us to explore and experiment with the establishment of a more effective intervention system using data to serve learning and thus have a better response to intervention. Of course, some practices are already being implemented at the 2nd and 3rd cycle, but our goal is to build communities for all. Our students come from all walks of life and enrich our school. The diversity of our clientele (e.g. Aboriginal, newcomers, students with special needs integrated into regular classes and those in special classes, etc.) gives us the power to intervene differently and the duty to intervene effectively. What is important to our community is that we share common goals, responsibilities and resources according to each other’s strengths, contribute to decision making and that our opinions are taken into account. In addition, the orientation towards action and continuous improvement is a challenge and an ongoing mission in today’s society. The values chosen at our school are openness, perseverance and well-being. Our theme: Together, everything is possible with good chemistry! In short, our team has the desire to advance and innovate while respecting the strengths of each individual.

Tell us about the importance of learning through play for your team and for your students.
From a teaching perspective, games are an excellent tool for consolidating learning. Educational games are a great way to help learners stay focused, motivated and engaged in an academic task. In addition, many social skills are worked on through games. Play is a way of learning that is directly associated with the child’s world. Through play, the school team hopes to give young people a greater desire to get involved and to become the main actors of their own development.

Tell us about your interest in joining the Canadian Playful Schools Network.
Since the beginning of our teaching career, we have always been interested in entrepreneurial projects, innovation, the latest studies in education and educational materials or games that promote the interest and learning of our students. Through what games can bring, we wish to improve our expertise in the area of executive functions, to make people aware of the importance of developing these functions, which is an essential issue to facilitate the success of all. Moreover, this experience will provide us with an additional background or support that will allow us to undertake and do things differently. In short, by establishing links and collaborating with other teams, we hope to share our successes and also have access to training that will allow us to go further in our approach.